Saturday, December 11, 2010

Basic Tutorial

1. Make royal icing. Recipes are HERE.

2. Divide the icing into the airtight containers.

3. Add a desired food coloring to the icing and mix well to ensure that the color is uniform and to eliminate white streaks. (Suggest you add just a tiny drop at a time)
4. Fill a pastry bag with piping icing. (since royal icing dries out very quickly, keep the piping tip with damp paper towel or sponge)
5. Fill a plastic squeeze bottle with flooding icing.
6. Outline a cookie with the piping icing bag and then fill it up with flooding icing.


  1. Katie, you're an artist! I'm totally in love with your perfect cookies! I'm feeling inspired! Someday I'll try to make one of those decorations.

    I'm following you and I just can't wait to see your newest art, 'cause I explored your entire blog!

  2. I recently discovered your blog and may I say, you are brilliant. I made my first attempt to decorate cookies for this holiday ... not so easy.Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. so cute! posting the link to this on my blog! you're amazing!

  4. Thank you, Talita, Ken and Laura!

    Talita, you should try decorating cookies. It's very fun to make them. I visited your blog and found out you are a great baker! I am sure you can make beautiful cookies!

    ken, I love your blog so much! You are a awesome baker, cook and photographer!

    Laura, thank you for posting my cookies on your blog!

  5. Thanks for sharing, Katie! You are always an inspiration :-)