Sunday, March 13, 2011

Custom Made Decorated Cookies

 I got a cookie order last week for 1 year-old boy's birthday party.
The client asked me if I can make the baby boy's favorite toys and then she sent me the pictures of the toys. 

Here are the pictures from the client.

 They look very simple and cute. However, I had some troubles to make the giraffe's face (her name is Sophi). I had to draw Sophi's face more than 10 times on my sketchbook to get her look! 

These are the final designs of the cookies. 

 Here are the finished cookies. How are they? Do they look like original toys?
 These are Pig, Chick and Cow trio. I think they are super cute^^

 All 12 cookies are ready to go! I had so much fun to make them, Thank you, D!


  1. oh my gosh, those are insanely adorable! i especially love the giraffe (although i'm a bit biased as my son has one of those himself)

  2. They are perfect and wonderful, Katie!

  3. Thank you, Corynne, Melanie and Callye!

    And Melanie, I think the most of babies under 1 year-old love Sophi^^

  4. Katie, the cookies are PERFECT! You did such a wonderful job of creating them from the photo that was given to you. They couldn't be any cuter.

  5. Katie,
    Looks amazingly cute!!
    Doubt anyone can beat your skills in drawing such lovely cookies.. :)

  6. So cute. Girl, you are amazing with these!

  7. i always draw my things out first too!! love the sophie cookie -- all my nephews and niece too adore sophie the giraffe!