Sunday, May 13, 2012

Katie + Olivia

Recently, I moved back to Vancouver, Canada, from Boston and had very crazy last couple months to pack all our stuffs, ship them and unpack them again :)

Finally, my new kitchen is all set, so I invited my niece, Olivia, to decorate cookies together.
She was very good at decorating cookies and so happy to eat them as well ^^
We both had so much fun together!


  1. What a lovely day!!! Looks like she's going to be a fabulous cookie artist just like her aunt!

  2. How fun to be able to be near your niece, and decorate cookies with her. She's a cutie. I bet she had fun with you too! Best wishes for making even more memories in your kitchen:)

  3. Wow, moving to a new country. that must be so exciting! I wish you all the best for settling down and find yourself a great decorated cookie world out there in Canada :-)

  4. Thank you so much, lizy b, MarlaQuack, Sue and Kris! :)

  5. No wondered you haven't been posting any entries due to you moving back. Now, your niece can help you decorate cookies. =D cute little helper