Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Flower Cookies - Peony Cookie - Daisy Cookie

Gum Paste Peony Cookie

Pink Daisy Cookie

Everybody stays cool! :)


  1. Love your cookies! I am totally loving the piping. Is that a tip 0? How do you keep your tips from clogging? Mine always get small grainsof sugar stuck in them...

  2. Hi Hopping up :)
    I used tip 0 for the laces and I keep my tips with damp paper towel so, they don't get clog. And I also make my icings not too stiff.
    Hope this helps you. -Katie-

  3. Dear Katie, you are amazing ....! How can you be so 'good? .... I'd love to learn from you!'ll Follow' to learn! Kiss Bea!

  4. I forgot to tell you .... I write from Italy .... Ciao !Bea