Sunday, September 1, 2013

Featured in Better Homes and Gardens Halloween magazine

My safari themed cookies are featured in Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest, Halloween tricks & treats 2013.
It was a special project with Better Homes and Gardens and graphic designer, Carrie Naumann 2 years ago, and finally they are published this year! Yay!
Thank you so much, Ann and Carrie!


  1. That is so funny...I JUST bought this very magazine at the grocery store a couple of days ago. I flipped through it quickly at the checkstand and bought it BECAUSE of your cookies, but I didn't read the print, so didn't know they were YOUR cookies! I LOVE them! CONGRATULATIONS, Katie!!!

  2. Hi Sue, really! that's funny lol! and thank you for your nice comments!

  3. Hi katie! I found my way to your blog through better homes! I decorate sugar cookies for fun and the mom I nanny for was enamoured by your cookies and wants me to try and make some similar for her daughters birthday! I'm assuming you made custom cookie cutters? If not any chance you can point me in the direction to buy them ;)
    I'm totally inspired by your lovely and detailed creations. So glad I stumbled upon your blog!